Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What will I eat?

Oh this is a question I know I will ask myself many times over. What will I eat? It surely won't be what they are eating. I started my detoxification process on Easter Sunday and let's just say that probably wasn't the best day to start. I had initally wanted to wait until Monday but decided that I would challenge myself with the temptation of restricted food and see how I fared. I think I did pretty good but wasn't totally successful.

We had lunch at my moms house where she had her famous potato salad, fresh fruit and wonderful dip, veggies with ranch dip, black olives, ham, pea salad, deviled eggs and chipotle bread. My biggest temptation was probably the deviled eggs. Just looking at them and knowing that I could not eat those little buggers drove me crazy. They looked decadent. I did have one but managed to avoid eating the forbidden items suprisingly well. I had a lot of raw veggies without the dip and a lot of fresh fruit without the dip. I also enjoyed some black olives. I did have a tiny bite of ham off my child's plate before I caught myself and threw the rest away. I also caved and had a bite of my moms potato salad that she rarely makes and is a favorite from childhood.

I will say this, I am happy that I did as well as I did and didn't say oh well, and pile high a plate of food that I knew would make me suffer later. I did have a few bites but for it being day 1 on Easter I think I managed to restrain myself greatly. You are talking to a total foodie here. Now if there had been chocolate cake we may have had a problem. :)

Afterwards we went to my mother-in-laws where the selection was bring your own meat to grill, pasta salad, skillet new potatoes and fresh fruit. I enjoyed another helping of fresh fruit, brought turkey burgers to grill with no bun, and enjoyed some of the new potatoes. I did have a tiny piece of strawberry shortcake for dessert that was smaller than small. It was also one of my recipes I shared with my sister-in-law that I absolutely love and is fresh and light and makes the perfect spring or summer dessert.

So all in all I would have to say that it was a success for me especially knowing that I couldn't eat most of it and really wanted too. I did do much better on Monday being at home in a controlled environment and avoided the easter candy completely. I have been feeling very run down and tired which I'm sure is a result of me detoxing my body. It is very common for people to get sick during a detoxification process ranging from fatigue to vomiting and everything in between.

So here is a simple rundown of what I ate for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner yesterday so that you have an idea of what I can eat. While I am doing the detox phase I am taking a powder supplement that is like drinking a protein shake called ClearVite. It is a systemic nutritional and detoxification support program and for my treatment plan I am having one shake in the morning on days 1-4.

8 0z. Almond Milk
1 scoop ClearVite

30 mins later:
Handful of Fresh Fruit

Mid-Morning Snack:
10 Natural Almonds


4 slices Turkey Bacon
3 pieces of raw Broccoli
5 baby Carrots

Afternoon Snack:

Kale Chips


1 Chicken Breast seasoned with lemon, dill, salt and pepper to taste
1 c. Frozen Okra cooked
1/4 c. Lentils seasoned with lemon and salt and pepper to taste

Evening Snack:

12 Walnuts

You might be wondering why I am eating so often and that is because this is what I was told to do. It is important for me to eat regularly to try and level out my blood sugar as I have insulin resistance. Anyone should eat this often just to keep their metabolism burning at a consistent rate. I will post recipes for some of the things I make such as the Kale Chips which are a tasty snack, super easy to make and even my kids love them. You can also check out www.thefreedomchef.com for more great gluten free, vegan recipes and ideas. It is a farely new site but much more will be added so keep checking back often. You can find it on Facebook too, just search for The Freedom Chef.

I have ordered some gluten free vegan cookbooks and as I try new recipes and find ones that I like I will share the books I found them in. Since I am on such a limited diet for now I won't be indulging in any of the good stuff like cupcakes or muffins but in due time. Another website you can find yummy cookies at is www.eatmecookies.com and is operated by a woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and went gluten free and ended up being cured. My sister-in-law who doesn't have to eat gluten free tried her cookies and said they were delicious. You can also check out www.forksoverknives.com and http://www.underourskin.com/watch.html for more info why changing your diet and lifestyle may be to your advantage.

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  1. well, that diet doesn't sound all that bad to me! way to go girl!