Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking Good

So it's been awhile since I last posted which I did intentionally so I could give myself some time to report on any changes I have noticed. I completed the 21 day detox and began reintroducing foods back into my diet. I chose to start with the 4 supplements I will be taking including an emulsified Vitamin D liquid, an emulsified Omega CO-3 liquid, a Glutathione/Superoxide cream and Methyl-SP supplement. I introduce one new thing every 3 days as your body will have a reaction to something within 3 days of eating it. Once I finished introducing the supplements I began introducing foods such as tomatoes and corn first. These two items were forbidden during the detox phase as they can often times be a food that people with immune conditions can be sensitive too and they can trigger immune reactions in someone with a weakened system. I was glad to have no adverse reactions after eating these items as it means I can now return to eating chips and salsa and corn tortillas.

One thing I have noticed when checking labels to find food that is Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free is that a lot of items that are Gluten and Dairy free often times contain Soy. Companies seem to be using Soybean Oil a lot more these days for cooking since Corn is being used for Ethanol in gas more and more. That has proven to be frustrating as it limits me from a lot more foods than expected. Even things that I would never suspect Soy to be in has Soybean Oil commonly listed as an ingredient. Some labels will say that it may be cooked in Corn, Vegetable, Canola or Soybean oil but it is to risky for me to chance that it may not have been Soybean Oil that particular time.

Needless to say, Whole Foods and Hy-Vee have become my 2 most commonly used grocery stores. I bought some Salmon the other day from Whole Foods and I have not had any desire to eat Salmon for quite a while now. I used to eat it at least once a week but haven't eaten it in many, many months. Needless to say, I bought some and grilled it with some of the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil from the Tasteful Olive and added some Montreal Salmon seasoning and a slice of lemon on top and it was wonderful!! I don't know if it is just better quality coming from Whole Foods but I don't plan to buy Salmon from the local grocery store again. I know I will pay more but it is a compromise I'm willing to make. I am still restricted from any type of fruit due to the sugar in it until we get my blood sugar under control which is the next phase.

So, now that I have completed my 21 day detox and started my induction diet I have to tell you how I am feeling. I noticeably have more energy which has proven to be a catch 22 for me lately. I often times find myself doing more than I should because I feel good and than at night I am wiped out and lethargic and it sticks with me for the next 2 to 3 days. This would be the exact reason why I am not allowed to work out or do any strenuous activities until given the go ahead. Nonetheless, it feels great to not be dead tired all day and I don't even have those mid day slumps that demand me to take a catnap like I used too. I might still get tired, but I still function well and don't have to lay down and sleep for a half hour to feel normal again.

I also have had my Psoriasis clear up that has been lingering for over a year now!! I have a spot on my back that has been there for many years that is finally going away and is almost completely gone. You don't even know how exciting this is for me and is physical evidence that my immune system is responding and making progress in the right direction. I have also had many people comment on my skin glowing and looking healthy and rich, especially in my face and I have noticed that I'm not getting pimples hardly at all like I used to before. I wouldn't get major breakouts but it seemed like I always had a pimple at any given time and now I rarely have any and if I do they are very small and not very noticeable. Can't complain about that one can I? And last but not least, I have managed to lose 5 lbs. and fit into jeans that I haven't worn since before I had my 6th child almost 4 years ago. I did a happy dance the day I put them on and was able to actually button them without laying down and sucking in every inch that I could. I know I have lost several inches but I didn't measure myself before but many people have noticed and commented that I look like I have lost weight. So, to have accomplished all that and never have to step a foot in the gym or see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon is pretty awesome in my book and makes the money I am spending well worth it!!

I am excited to see how much further I will go and how much better I will feel as I continue down this path. I'm only 6 weeks in and already see and feel a major difference. I wonder what the results will be in 6 more weeks!! Can't wait to tell you all about it.