Friday, August 5, 2011

Elimination Diet & Detox

I have people ask me how to go about doing an elimination diet and detox. There are many options out there if you simply Google Elimination Diet or Detox but here are the steps I followed from my doctor to complete a 21 day elimination diet and detox. I was using a powder as well that I would drink everyday call Clearvite-SF that helped my liver process and eliminate toxins more efficiently. I am not sure if this is something that can be purchased without being under the supervision of a doctor or specialist or if there is an alternative in the event that it can't I will ask my doctor if it is something he sells to people who aren't patients but suffer from auto immune disorders and want to complete a detox before changing their eating habits. You can always Google Clearvite-SF and see if you find a retailer that sells it or check eBay. As always, you should always consult your physician before starting any dietary changes. I will put the servings I followed for the Clearvite-SF while doing my detox in here so that you can see how much I was taking and how often. If you do not use Clearvite-SF you can simply follow that instructions for eating to help determine if you have any food sensitivity or allergies during the reintroduction phase.

Days 1-4: Preparation Phase 1

One serving daily of Clearvite-SF just before Breakfast

A serving size for me was 1 scoop with 8 oz. of Almond or Rice Milk

Days 5-7: Preparation Phase 2

Two Servings daily of Clearvite-SF one before Breakfast, One before Dinner

Dietary Plan to follow during days 1-7:

Foods to Avoid:

*Any food that you are allergic to.
*Dairy (milk,cheeses,yogurt,butter), eggs, margarine, and shortening
*Foods prepared with Gluten containing cereals like wheat, oats, rye, barley, normally found in breads, pasta, etc.
*Tomotoes and tomato sauces, corn, peanuts
*Alcohol, Caffeine (coffee, black tea, sodas)
*Soy or products made from soy, such as soymilk or tofu
*Peanuts or peanut butter
*Beef, Pork, cold cuts, bacon, hotdogs, canned meat, sausage, shellfish, meat analogues made from Soy

Foods To Eat:

*Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses daily or more), Vegetable juices
*Consume grain foods made from rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat or tapioca
*Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans (navy, white, red kidney, etc.), peas (fresh, split, snap)
*Consume mainly fish (not shellfish), and moderate amounts of chicken, turkey, and lamb. *Please note, only buy unseasoned plain meat and check your seasoning or marinades for Gluten as this is commonly added to seasonings and marinades*
*Use mainly Olive Oil, Canola and Flax seed oil in moderation

Days 8-14: Detoxification Phase

Three servings daily of Clearvite-SF, one before Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


*Avoid all foods in the "Foods to Avoid" section listed above
*Use all foods in the "Foods to Eat" section listed above EXCEPT ELIMINATE ALL ANIMAL PRODUCTS FROM THE DIET (including Fish, Chicken, Turkey and Lamb)

Days 15-17: Completion Phase 1

Two Servings Daily of Clearvite SF, One before Breakfast and One before Dinner


*Avoid all of the foods in the "Foods to Avoid" section listed above
*Use all of the foods in the "Foods to Eat" section listed above adding back into your diet ALL OF THE ANIMAL PRODUCTS (Fish, Chicken, Turkey and Lamb)

Days 18-21: Completion Phase 2

One Serving Daily of Clearvite SF just before Breakfast


*Avoid all of the foods in the "Foods to Avoid" section listed above
*Use all of the foods in the "Foods to Eat" section listed above adding back into your diet ALL OF THE ANIMAL PRODUCTS (Fish, Chicken, Turkey and Lamb)

ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE 21 DAY ELIMINATION AND DETOX, YOU WILL START REINTRODUCING ONE FOOD AT A TIME EVERY 3 DAYS. If you have an adverse reaction to a food, your body will flare up and let you know within 3 days of eating that particular food so it is important that you only introduce one food at a time every 3 days so that you can be certain any negative reactions are coming from that particular food.

As always, it is preferred that when choosing fruits and vegetables, organic is the best option. If you don't want the added cost, choose non-organic fruits and vegetables that have a thick skin or peel but try and stick to organic for ones that don't. If possible, always try to buy organic, free range meat with no hormones.

Use Almond or Rice milk as a substitute for Cows Milk and there is Egg Replacement you can purchase at Whole Foods or Health Food stores to substitute with when a recipe calls for Eggs.

I hope this helps you get started to detoxing your system and helping your immune system correct the inflammation it's been battling. Remember, this is a lifestyle change and once you complete this elimination detox, it is important to eat clean and avoid Soy, Dairy, Gluten, Corn, Chicken Eggs, or any other known allergies you have to keep your immune system from flaring up again. And keep in mind that this 21 day process can be done anytime you have gotten way off course and feel you need to give your body a break and start over. I wouldn't recommend using Clearvite-SF or any other supplement you may use without direct supervision of a doctor but the eating is a great way to redirect your immune system and give it a break while you start over again.



  1. hey brooke- starting the detox this week! we're pretty excited.

    how are things going for you now?

  2. Things are great. I just posted about my splurge and it's payback. :)